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Hi, Sam.

Since I have cut out all the crap and followed this forum diet, I can actually get up in the morning without having to run or anything like that – so already an improvement there.

Very good improvements, Sam, congratulations on getting this far.

I started the diet around 2 months ago, but I thought coconut oil was causing die off so I stopped taking it while I went away on holiday, didn’t see the point of not taking it correctly. I arrived back home on the 28th March and started taking it again, I am now up to 5 spoonfuls a day.

You can continue to slowly raise that if you need to.

My question is around die off, every few days I will get this horrid bloating in my stomach and just want to go to bed and sleep – is this die off? I tend to fix the issue by going for a long session in a sauna which normally fixes me. I guess part of me wants to ensure I am having die off in order to fix the issue.

Bloating can certainly be a symptom of die-off; of course it can also be a symptom of a Candida overgrowth. Considering when you have it, it sounds like it’s due to die-off. In your case, I suspect it’s sometimes a combination of both reasons just as it is for a lot of people.

I’m assuming that you have adjusted your molybdenum dosage in order to receive around 750 mcg a day? You can continue to depend on saunas as well as this also removes a lot of the toxins, but of course it can’t protect the liver on a continuous basis which molybdenum can.

I’m currently trying buckwheat as a test item for the next couple of days (2/3 bites to watch for a reaction) as I need something else other than eggs and vegetables!! Kefir is next to introduce, albeit very slowly.

Good plan, Sam.

I guess I’m looking for the motivation to know I am on the right track and to keep going.

It all sounds perfect and the reactions sound normal to me. To help you with the bloating, try to locate a product called “Betaine Hydrochloride” and start taking one ‘during’ your largest meal of the day. If bloating continues, you can add one pill to each meal that you have. Since it’s so common with Candida I wouldn’t be concerned unless the bloating becomes worse.