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Hi everyone,

Seeing as I am officially in month 3 I thought I would post an update.

I’ve had a rough few weeks to be honest. I tried taking SF722, but my gut just won’t accept it, it bloats out for days and will keep me so sluggish for around 5 days after i take it – it actually kept me off work both times, so for now SF722 is out.

On Sunday it was the queen’s diamond jubilee so I had a few drinks (vodka + sparkling water). However, being a 22 year old I got a bit carried away and tried a bit of food as well, that has left me feeling sick since. That feeling of being able to wake and go straight out and do things has gone for now – it feels like a big set back, but actually I think you need to have one big set back to really understand how eating one wrong thing can set you back so much. I’m hoping I will be back to a kinda normal come Monday.

However I am still unable to eat any meats, they bloat me up (not half as bad), so I am still sticking with eggs and various vegetables for now.

I also mentioned about how bad my stomach looks before, and I wanted to show you all a picture of it at it’s worst. It only looks this bad when I have a flare up. Picture.

I’m seeing a Neuropath tomorrow who seems to understand Candida, so I am hoping that again will be a push in the right direction.

I’ve got some oat bran, oat bran flour, buckwheat flour, but I’m too scared to try it right now. Maybe in a couple of weeks once my stomach has settled again.

Symptoms gone: itchiness, heart palpatations
Symptoms still here: horrid looking gut, brainfog, fatigue, leaky gut, huge bags underneath eyes, waking up bloated (for the moment)