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Everyone needs to understand something. Entering into debate with someone who gets paid to do that is about as pointless as arguing with a tree. You can argue facts and numbers and anything, he is going to continue to spew bullshit (thats creation has millions upon millions of dollars invested to protect its creators position might I add) and try to steer the argument into wherever he wants it to be because thats what he spent who knows how much time learning to do, about this one topic, and has who knows how much experience doing just that. This is the frontline soldier for a multi billion dollar industry with its head inching closer to the chopping block everyday as more and more people wake up everyday to the fact that people are being hurt and killed, even our children, by said industry. Thats no small fucking thing, and with that kind of liability involved, the depth of their pockets, and the fact that forums just like this are where they are losing the war, you can bet your ass these people are going to bring their best A-game.

This guy does this everyday, for a living. All you need to do point out this very obvious fact and let that alone speak for itself. Anyone cruising through reading this is going to see that, and you’ve won your argument. Its that simple. Thats why he ignores every post in which I do this. It works.