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Rx antifungals are necessary many times. The severe cases need them. The problem with the Rx is MDs don’t prescribe the dosage necessary to correct the infection. They also prescribe short courses that don’t work either. Nystatin is the best antifungal so far to treat an intestinal fungal grows. No toxicity since it doesn’t go out of the lumen. Fungicidal against candida albicans in tolerable doses, and the most important it isn’t absorbed meaning that only targets the intestines, where you need more.

Fluconazole, Itraconazole, and other azoles work systemic. It is necessary to take a systemic drug too because candida penetrates the epithelium. It gets inside the cells infecting them. That part of the infection needs to be treated bloodstream way. You need to kill the intracellular candidiasis to recover.

The most important part of this treatment is to chose the right moment to take the systemic Rx. For instance, you need to treat the home base first to destroy the toxic fabric that keeps your immune system toward to a Th2 response. It is necessary to balance the immune system toward to Th1. Combating the candida headquarter in the colon and detoxing heavy metals, if it is the your case, will unload the immune system.
This is the MOST important part. With a loaded immune system, nothing work. The immune system is responsible for ending with the infection helped by the drugs. You can take a truck loaded with Fluconazole, but if your immune system is polarized to a Th2 response, nothing will happen. Cell-mediated immunity is necessary to recover. There isn’t hope without it.
I have explained it a lot times.

Then, when you be able to suppress the toxins generated by candida ( fabric is in the colon ) your immune system will be released. There won’t be a chronic Th2 response allowing Th1 to combat candida focus in your vagina, lung, skin, etc.

Normally, using high doses of Nystatin long term, enemas, and other measures such as an smart diet, you are able to stop the toxin production in the colon. This is the first step to your recover.

Then, the remaining candida, if so, can be corrected with a prudent Fluconazole course. Some people need to take Fluconazole for 6 months to end with an intracellular candidiasis.