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stovariste;44551 wrote: I have question too…

Is there a difference between rutabaga and turnip?

here, rutabaga is called “sweedish turnip”. I wonder is it safe to eat as well, the turnip? Does it have antifungal properties as well?


If you’re not familiar with rutabaga, it’s a root vegetable that is a member of the mustard family. Outside of North America it’s usually known as the ‘swede’ or ‘Swedish turnip’.

The first thing you’re probably thinking is “Isn’t that full of sugars??” As you know, you should not generally be eating high-carb vegetables on your Candida diet. However, the crucial difference with rutabaga is that it has one special property that makes it ideal for Candida sufferers.

Rutabaga is a strong antifungal that can actually slow down and possibly reverse your Candida overgrowth. So although the carbohydrates in the rutabaga might feed your Candida overgrowth a little, the antifungal properties more than compensate for this. And of course it makes for a filling, satisfying meal too!

Looking for ways to prepare your rutabaga? For a filling snack you can peel, chop and roast it just like potato fries, then serve with some yogurt and garlic mixed as a dip. Alternatively, chop and stir-fry it with a few veggies, or slice it up and eat it raw in a salad.

From the candida website, looks like they are the same. That’s in reference to the swedish turnip. As far as I know regular turnips are different though