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Alex, Sorry to hear about your job loss.

You should focus on the essentials for now. I do agree you should be ok on the diet without organic for now. Or maybe just Organic eggs.

A couple of recommendations for you. If you have a Sam’s club membership or even know a friend with one, they have some phenomenal deals on some food items. They sell 2 lbs of Garlic for 3.99,5 avacodos for 3.99 and a bunch of other great deals. The garlic alone is worth the trip there. Most other grocery stores sell 2 garlic’s for 1.50. The 2 lb pack they sell has 22 garlics in it.

I found lemons at walmart 2 lbs for 1.50. You can freeze lemons. Cut them in half and freeze them if you can find a good deal. Buy some frozen vegetables too. I just read an article written by Dr Oz discussing how frozen vegetables can offer great benefit as well.

Shop around I go to 4 different stores to buy all of my groceries. I have cut my diet expenses about in half since, when I started this diet. No 1 store has all of the best deals. Since you will have more time now you can stretch the money further.

Also, if you aren’t doing so already keep a journal. I write in mine every time something significant happens. It will keep you motivated to stay on the diet.