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I tend to agree about getting to the root cause. I really had no issues with candida after I cleansed myself 10 years ago. I was eating quite well and pretty much what I’d like without any health issues. I wasn’t a huge junk eater though. But my point is that I hadn’t had a vaginal yeast infection or anything of the kind after my initial cleanse for a very long time because I stayed on good health supplements. I do now see what my initial downfall was and it had a lot to do with depression and anxiety. That led to drinking too much wine and not taking care of myself 100%. From there the doses of antibiotics I was led into believing that I had to take just slammed me down. I can pretty much piece it all together. So I do agree to getting to the root cause for sure and one thing that does frustrate me a little is that there seems to be a “one size fits all” mentality where fighting candida is concerned. As I have said before I do respect the fact that certain diets are good for and have worked for some. I’m not 100% convinced though that the one diet is for everyone. It really does depend on the individual and their past lifestyle choices. Some bodies also don’t respond to the same treatment as my holistic doctor explained to me today. She realises that I am one who needs different types of food. Therefore my diet has been changed. I was literally almost bed ridden because I had no energy to do anything.
I also see the point about being so involved in online chat rooms and forums. They really can be addictive when you are alone for long periods of time and they can become your friend. I myself have been involved in positive ones though for my art and not this type of thing but I can really see how one can become so caught up in this whole thing. I was actually starting to think too many negative things and that I must be doing something wrong to not be able to stick to this strict diet fully. I didn’t give up because of the food choices in the end though…It was my health. Speaking from experience, a strict diet is not good for everyone.