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Fruits: I read somewhere that fructose malabsorbtion (spell?) can cause an overgroth of c. albicans, but not sure where, will try or highwire/standford again..

NOW to something to the topic:
I have in fact been “cured” 2 times in the past – But due to lack of knowlage got sick again after some weeks (damn MD’s who know nothing about this). First time was after 4 weeks of diet and Diflucan (was Very effective at the time), was completly “normal” until I started a very stressfull job and couldent eat enough/right stuff.
2. time was when introducing probiotics for the first time after a cleanse (by mistake).

Right now, Im on itraconazole, nystatin and all the diet stuff/protocol – and for 3 days I was nearly symptom free! It really hit me how good it feels to be naturally tired and not having this odd feeling all the time.. Ill update on how it goes and what my doctor decides next or not 🙂

For my the key stuff is: nystatin, systemic antifungal, diet and very importend off all: The inhibiting probiotic environment in the gut – Without it, I get more sick by taking itraconazole. Further more, air humidity is really low at the time.. 50% -40%, this helps a great freaking deal! I not the most importend aspect for my condition.