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I was constipated and bloated before the diet but got worst when I started. My bm’s are not as much when i do go, they are small and pebble like.

My diet usually goes like this
4 eggs cooked in extra virgin olive oil,

bowl of plain yogurt with live cultures


2 pieces of chicken which i pregrill once every couple days then heat for lunch every day.

salad with cucumber, zuchini, broccoli and olive oil mixed with cayenne pepper, salt, and black pepper for a dressing

bowl of yogurt with live cultures


2 or 3 freshly grilled Beef patties wrapped with lettuce.

bowl of yogurt

some fresh zuchinni or cucumber, and broccoli


-Right before bed


-throughout the day snacking on some almonds or pumpkin seeds, not a lot though.

This is what my diet ussually goes like and when its not this, i hardly ever eat foods not on the foods to eat list on the website and never eat the foods to avoid