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Able, thank you for your concern – she is slowly beginning to improve both physically and emotionally. She is no longer in a “deep, dark place”, as she would say. Increasing her anti-depressant and adding Molybdenum (every 6 hrs.) and Candidate w/Dandelion Root tea (twice daily) has helped to relieve toxins from her system and she is able to get out of bed for several hours at a time.

That’s really great news, thanks so much for posting this.

We have dramatically improved her diet as well, serving meals only from the Allowed Foods List. We will add NOW Fiber-3 Powder w/Bentonite in a few days when it arrives, along with ColoFlush for constipation and the aforementioned Hemp Powder and Spirulina. We will take care to introduce each product one-by-one to gauge for possible reactions. She is also taking 3000mg of Vitamin C, two Ultimate Flora 80-14, two Milk Thistle Extract, and four Triphala throughout the day (constipation is a major issue – I understand Hemp Power may help with this).

Unfortunately, severe constipation can be symptoms of both a Candida overgrowth as well as in response to the die-off toxins. If all else fails, taking 1000 mg of vitamin C every 45 minutes will usually relieve constipation. It using causes diarrhea but can be stopped by simply stopping the intake of the vitamin C. the diarrhea is simply one way that the body gets rid of excess vitamin C. As you see by this, vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin, therefore no one can really overdose in the under the normal description of the word since the body is able to get rid of it.

As for her weight, she is currently at 185 lbs. – she has lost 20 lbs. in the last few weeks. We feel she needs at least another seven days before we reintroduce anti-fungals, but would like to know how much Spirulina to introduce when the time comes. As for the Hemp Powder we feel the sooner, the better – her protein coming only from fish and organic eggs & chicken right now.

Considering your sister’s life style, .36 grams of protein per pound of body weight would be needed. Let’s round that number off to 65 grams of protein. Considering her lack of activity, but also the fact that she’s recuperating from an illness, I would think that obtaining around 65-70 grams of protein a day would be sufficient. Check the protein amount per serving on the hemp container, and try to work around that information in connection with the other protein foods she has in a day’s time.

Please keep us posted as to her condition as you have time.