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Thanks Thomas – I can always rely on you to put a positive stance on it! And yes, I know this will pass and I will heal and this is all towards the right end but its bloody tough going through it as you know!

Able – I just read back over your “reserach” post and firstly please don’t ever apologise for anything here. The time & effort you put into reseraching things on our behalf is nothing short of incredible and the fact that you took your time finding a detailed response for me just shows me how much thought and care you put into your responses.

I agree with your advice about taking some time to rest but it’s so hard to get these days. 3 of the children are under 4yrs so 2 days full rest just isn’t achieveable. And to make matters worse hubby is now in “silly season” with both work and social activities so he’s gone early, back late and out 2 or 3 nights a week. When I read your suggestion at 6am this morning I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry… he was just heading out the door and won’t be back until tomorrow lunchtime! BUT once he is home I’ve “booked” the rest of the day off and will head straight for the sauna. The 2 “busiest” kids are being taken to out by a friend in the afternoon and so won’t be back til late so I plan to either chill in front of the tv or take to bed for a few hours… and I’ll be in the spare room with the earplugs in tomorrow night! Hubby in fairness does every 2nd night with the kids but even if I’m “off” I hear them 2 or 3 times during the night.

As for your theory about Hives – I think you may well be correct. The lumps are individual mostly (although in clusters in areas which makes it look more like a rash) and stick out quite a bit, especially on my legs. Thinking more about it this actual episode started with 3 individual hives (the day after the wine) one on my leg, one beside my mouth and 1 on my finger. All 3 started like a hard flech coloured lump and developed a puss-filled head which I squeezed. Each one then infected and got even bigger, sorer and more unsightly, the 1 on the leg very badly and theres a dark red scaly patch around 10cm diametre still there.

But I don’t quite understand. What exactly am I allergic to? Is it the yeast itself? Is it because I’ve been detoxing thought the pores so much that my skin has responded? If so, should I stop that method of detoxing?

I think with the coconut oil I’ll just use it to cook and not eat it on crackers or by spoon. And should I avoid Caprylic entirely for a few days? I took probiotic this morning – should I take 1 or 2 more doses? And i’ll drink 1 tub of Kefir.

I got very low and tearful this morning but I don’t think that was the Candida depression/ hopelessness that i had before… I think it was exhaustion, frustration and resentment at hubby skipping out the door for a corporate golf day followed by Christmas party and an overnight & lie in in the city – while I’m stuck in the house yet again with 4 children and no christmas festivities planned with my friends because I can’t face going out and not eating/ drinking anything, not that I have the energy anyway… and I certainly wouldn’t be putting a party dress on with my skin in this state! Just feeling sorry for myself… ignore me!