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Able – I agree that at this stage it just has to be die off. I haven’t broken the diet… in fact I’ve pulled back even further and stopped/ reduced anything that could possibly be causing inflammation – like buckwheat, oat bran. I’m back to just the basic plain fish options (had introduced crab & prawn when I was “well” and they didn’t have a reaction but just in case…). And even the allowed veg I’m having the ones with the very least sugar/ carbs. My Molybdenum hasn’t arrived yet – hoping early next week and am dying to try it. Will certainly let you know.

Raster – that’s interesting, please share more about the supplement. As I’ve said before I have a hot bath/ sauna every day (alternating) and have had 3 short sun bed sessions too (I know you didn’t recommend this and yes, I know the risks). My theory is that all the sweating it out has relieved any other potential system and is concentrating the detox on the skin and just can’t push it out fast enough so it’s causing the rash? Not a very scientific/ medical description there but I think you get the idea!!

Thomas – I look forward to ables response to your very heartfelt post. I feel bad for you that your symptoms are so bad still… you can put the frustrations into words far better that I can, thank you!

Update – Last night after my “tearing my skin off” post I had 6 minutes on the sunbed followed an hour later by a very hot very salty bath… then covered myself in Eurax lotion to ease the itch (which it did straight away). Yesterday & today I scaled back to lesser doses of antifungals (3 caprylic acid, 1 glass apple cider vinegar, 4 dessert spoons coconut oil, just 1 dose probiotic) and maintained detox supps (milk thistle, lemon hot water x 6, vitamin C 3000). and the rash seems to be a little better this morning. It looks worse because it is drier/ scalier/ flatter but I take this as a good sign because it looks more like a dying rash rather than a growing rash (fresh red hot) and it’s far less itchy than last night.

I’ve booked an acupuncture session for myself for this afternoon!!! I’ve never had one but someone on here mentioned they’d had one and it “cured” them. Now, I’m not expecting an immediate magic wand style cure… but at this stage I’m willing to try anything! I’m not the most patient person as you may have noticed… I’ll let you know how I get on!