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Yes I have read the protocol at length and these are my remaining questions. The first question is the only one regarding the cleanse (which I only plan to do for 2-3 days). I started to day and took the bentonite drink in the morning and will take my other supplements at lunch.

I’m still wondering these questions for Stage 1 “strict diet”:

2. How much chlorella should I be consuming as a source of protein?

3. How much hemp seed “?

4. Assuming I start all the recommended vitamins at the start of the strict diet, how long do I keep taking each one? (i.e. d3 says one month assuming things heal)

5. The protocol mentions: Biotin and Apo-Lactoferrin, however, I do not have these supplements and after spending much money on the rest of the supplements I am wondering if I can forgo this one until I have symptoms warranting it?

6. Can I take St. john’s wort instead of sam-e or Ashwagandha if I am having issues with mood? (same reason as above, I already own it).

Thank you, Anneka