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Lordshelpr;39398 wrote: I am assuming that I need to do the “cleanse” before I start the diet. Is that correct?

That’s completely up to you. If you decide to do one, this one is much easier and safer than most. A Simple-Safe Cleanse

I am already on probiotics and have been for almost a year. Do I need to stop the probiotics while I do the cleanse and then restart them when I start the diet?

Which probiotics are you taking at this time? Please include the number of CFU’s (billions).

Should I start on apo-lactoferrin that AFTER the cleanse or before?

Once you start the diet, which is when most supplements are taken.

Where is the best and least costly place to oreder the HMF and Megaflora?

I purchased most of my supplements locally, but online I would guess Amazon.

I do make my own kefir at home and do it with raw milk or unsweetned coconut milk.
Is that alright?


When do I start on antifungals and what are the ones I need to take?

This information is all covered by our Forum Protocol as well as the Antifungal post.

Let us know if you have other questions.