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vitani88;45823 wrote:
In late 2010 I began breaking out in terrible acne. I had acne in middle school which I was given multiple antibiotics and eventually accutane for, but this was the first breakout I’d had since the start of high school (I’m 25 now, so 22 when this all started). I was working in a military hospital so I went to the dermatologist next door who promptly prescribed antibiotics, which I took for a couple months with no success. I then saw a dermatologist upon moving back to my home state who suggested accutane again. I declined and eventually began seeing a holistic doctor who tested me for food allergies in what must have been August or September 2011. I found out I am allergic to the following foods: Bakers and brewers yeast were both off the charts, mild reactions to gluten and cottage cheese. It was also confirmed that I had an overgrowth of candida.

well,anti-acne medication again. i have seen so many testimonies on people suffering from other even more serious ailments after the treatment . it annoys me to the core when i hear the words anti-acne. i for one also took a one month dosage ,don’t know whether it was acutane or not. didn’t had more then a little redness to start with. nothing that some natural products would have fixed.

but accutane is some real piece of shit.there are even legal sites where you can file a case against the co. so many victims are there to be seen.

no, this really isn’t going to help you or me knowing about it now. but if we could save others i would feel good about myself.i have already started helping close ones on this issue.

i have a concoction made from coconut oil,camphor. it works great for dry , red skin,rashes,etc for temporary relief.

almonds contain mold(i think soaking and roasting them should fix that),corn is a bit too sweet for the diet,not to forget the gmo’s. oats seem to be problematic for everyone including me. makes me dizzy.

more experienced members could help you more with the reasons behind not eating them.