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Thank you so much for your reply Able. I was tested through Metametrix labs and my yeast level was the highest number they give. So I know I have it bad. I’ve been battling this monster for four years without knowing what I was dealing with most of that time. Anyway, the Metametrix website says to avoid FOS as it also feeds yeast.

The Candida will adapt to almost any food put into the body eventually; does this mean we stop eating altogether? You’re not eating a decent amount of vegetables or any other prebiotic so you’re not keeping the flora alive, this cannot lead to a cure. It really is that simply. And it depends on the amount of beneficial flora in the intestines when it comes to how fast Candida can adapt to different environments and foods.

By the way, I’ve taken FOS on and off for different periods of time for two years, and if I’m not mistaken, it seems I remember reading that Raster has also taken it, yet we have both reached the third stage of the diet and treatment and beyond.

How much oat bran can I safely eat?

This can be different amounts for different people depending on their situation. It ‘s best to test it slowly starting with perhaps one teaspoon a day and slowly working your way up to an amount that will help you to stop losing weight.
Most antifungals, including oil of oregano, destroy some of the good bacteria along with the yeast, but coconut oil is one that does not, in fact, it actually benefits the bacteria.