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Katy Gillett
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Hi Able,

Thanks for the tip on the coconut flour.. I will order it in the UK.. Weird they don’t have it here though as they have plenty of Bob’s Red Mill products around. This is probably the only flour they don’t have!!

I do plan on returning to Bahrain after a few months.. I have to have some surgery which is why I decided to take the plunge and move back to the UK for a while and really focus on kicking this candida into shape. There I can get cheaper products, free health care, and the help I need! Not to mention my family is there which is always a plus when you’re ill I’m sure you’ll agree!

I guess I use the wrong word describing it as dizziness then.. it is definitely vertigo as I experience everything you described. I often feel as though I’m going to fall because the world ‘moves’ when I’m walking, objects ‘shake’ and the room spins when I’m not even moving. But it also happens when I move my head a certain way sometimes. As I said sometimes I literally can’t stand and have to go straight to bed. And then sometimes I get lightheaded on getting up. I think these are separate issues though as I’m just on the border of being anaemic and I am apparently deficient in b12 and folic acid. I’ve been taking b12, folic acid and iron for about 2 weeks though and nothing has changed.

I have actually been in Bahrain 21 years and Saudi Arabia for 3 (I’m 24) so I grew up here. But it is interesting you say that as this all started in December when I went from Bahrain to Hong Kong for a few days, back to Bahrain for a couple of days and then onto England for a couple of weeks where it was FREEZING. I am not at all used to that type of cold, having not been back to England by then in around 2-3 years. I also got stomach flu while I was there so I’m sure that didn’t help the dizziness. In fact I do get the feeling I could have had an inner ear problem due to a virus which was solved by the drugs they gave me but there were other reasons for my dizziness/vertigo.

In terms of antifungals right now I’m only one one tablet of caprylic acid a day (350mg) and I was drinking Pau d’Arco tea (one cup a day) but I’ve stopped that as I was experiencing such bad stomach cramps and vertigo that I wanted to cut back a bit. For me it seems this is going to be a very slow process. 7 weeks in and this is only where I am…. Obviously taking your advice into account I’ve taken out the brown rice and brown rice flour, plus millet and millet flour… I am working on taking the grains out altogether but for now keeping quinoa and buckwheat in there, plus oat bran because of the prebiotics. Or do you think I should take these things out now too?

I did manage to find the molybdenum and have put that back into my diet – one drop a day so I’m hoping some of these symptoms will ease up now! I just got sick from eating some avocado though.. think I just ate more than I should have though as its just the texture that turns my stomach. The same happens when I eat hard boiled eggs.

Thanks for the link for the food chart.. it’s very interesting.

And I agree, it would be nice to hear from Hope! I hope you’re ok there 🙂

Best wishes, Katy