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Katy Gillett
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Hi Able and Neeky Noo, thanks for both your replies. Sure is confusing. I hope you don’t mind me asking Able – what is it that you do for a living? I just ask to see if you’re a scientist/doctor of some sort or has all your knowledge been gained through beating candida?

After reading your posts to other people I’ve searched high and low for different probiotics, digestive grape bitters, oil of oregano and Candidate by Native Remedies but unfortunately they don’t seem to have any of these in Bahrain. The postal system here is not reliable and as I’m heading back to the UK in 3 weeks I figured I’d hold off until then, but obviously there’s still the mean time.. I’m sure you understand where I’m coming from here!

I found Molybdenum and took that but it was around the time I had to take all my supplements out and replace one by one until I figured out the culprits which were making me worse. I’ve still to reintroduce that one.. that’ll be either tomorrow or Friday.

I did find an organic shop yesterday however, that I never knew about and found a few promising looking Candida remedies – one being Threelac… I’d be interested to know what you think of this product Able?

The other was this product – Garden of Life Digestive Enzyme Blend. And a hydrochloric acid supplement (HCL plus).

I didn’t buy them as I wasn’t sure and didn’t want to waste money. Should I wait until I’m in the UK to buy better products?

Also, I’d like to know what your thoughts were on my current diet? Should I be stricter? And what about the bread recipe I use? I’ve found myself literally addicted to it however, so I am considering cutting out the bread but I find it so helpful in terms of snacks!

I do eat fishy.. of the oily variety but only 3 times a week due to concern of mercury levels. I tend to go for sardines, mackerel, occasional tuna or salmon fillet. But obviously only 3 meals a week doesn’t help much! I eat chicken too and almonds. Eggs I will have but only occasionally. In fact I’ve found if I eat a food, any food, consecutively I will feel ill after it the second time. Whether this is coincidence or not I don’t know but I try as hard as possible to stick to a four day rotation diet which again poses many problems in trying to keep out grains and thinking up foods! I really don’t want to add red meat back into my diet too.

Katy Gillett wrote:
Thanks for that – I was hoping you would reply! That’s a lot of information to take in and also very confusing as I’ve read so many articles on why an alkaline body is much more beneficial for us.. but this is in the context of someone without Candida… Is it different?

Oh and with that I was just asking whether someone without Candida is better off with an alkaline environment whereas someone with Candida is better off with a more acidic environment? Or at least would need to acidify more because they are too alkaline?

I’m also interested to know how long it took you to beat your candida infestation Able?

And one more question sorry! You say that blueberries, cranberries etc are acid-forming.. I’ve noticed these on some candida food lists and not on others and I wonder whether they would not be more beneficial in the diet because of their properties. I know they contain natural sugars but so does yoghurt but the pros outweigh the cons. Or am I missing the point here?

Anyway thanks again for replying! Hope I haven’t bombarded you with questions too much!!