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Janene here’s the coconut bread recipe:

I have altered it using my own flours that I’ve researched that are helpful for the diet. Basically this bread is one of the main foods a lot of us members eat on the forum. If you cannot find the ingredients at your local store, you can purchase the flours online and have them shipped to you.

You cannot purchase these breads at any store out there that I know of. Coconutn (and similar) bread is allowed because it won’t feed the candida very much and is very filling.

Pluses about the bread:

1)No starch (buckwheat is slightly starchy)
2)Not a grain (like wheat, rice, etc)
3)No gluten
4)No sugars or subsugars (actually like 4g per loaf, but this is very low. A head of lettuce has 3g of sugar as comparison).
5)No dairy (except eggs)
6)No molds
7)People are usually not allergic (if they are, its from the eggs or coconut flour)
8)Good source of protein
9)easy to make (can make in 10 mins)