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michellet wrote: I”ve been following the cleanse since sunday – so not even a week. (the first day i was following cleanse on website – then switched to able’s )

I have lost 12 pounds already – now please keep in mind i”m 100 pounds over weight.

My concern is that I am always hungry – I don’t want my body to fell like its starving, I want this to be a long term lifestyle choice as opposed to a diet.

Should i be eating more – or perhaps going to phase 1 instead of cleanse – adding coconut bread etc.


A while ago a naturopath took my blood and said i was sensitive to yeast and eggs. Yeast makes total sense – i got violently ill while drinking beer and baked goods are like nirvana for me and a trigger for bad eating.

Its the eggs I’m not sure about. I don”t love them, I don”t hate them. I never notice any side effects. Is anyone else sensitive eggs and what kind of reaction do they get.

I just ate some for breakfast and fell slightly nauseous but that could be die off because i had garlic with them. I do enjoy feeling full from a good breakfast.

Any comments?

A lot of being hungry can have its roots in candida too I believe. The fungus needs sugar and is hungry. Maybe its not you who is hungry but the fungus. I believe that you will not experience much hunger later on when your got control over that hungry beast in you. If a lot of the candia has died you should not be so hungry anymore. Changing your diet, a unfriendly died for the candia, will be a friendly one for your new Lifestyle. You will loose a lot of weight, live healthy and are not hungry.