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I just want to make sure I’m understanding the protocol for the strict diet: of all the foods that we can add 2 weeks into the diet, we should just pick one (e.g. kefir, or chicken, or fish) and try it in small amounts for a week. Is that right?

No, that isn’t quite correct. According to the diet’s information:” After being on the diet for 12 full days, you can choose to add one serving of either organic chicken or fish.”
Then the diet goes on to explain, “Two weeks from the day you actually start the diet (depending on how your treatment has progressed at the time), you could test a natural probiotic, specifically homemade kefir or homemade yogurt only.”
In other words, you can go ahead and test homemade kefir or yogurt two weeks after starting the diet.

Then, a few paragraphs down the page, the instructions are: “Choose only one of the foods below after being on the diet for two full weeks.”
In other words, at two weeks on the the diet, you can eat homemade kefir or yogurt and a day or two later you can have your choice of the foods that can be added sometime after two full weeks on the diet. This list includes:

• Coconut flour (Bob’s Red Mill)
• Oat bran flour (Bob’s Red Mill)
• Brown rice bran flour (Bob’s Red Mill)
• Tef or teff flour
• buckwheat/soba (Bob’s Red Mill Buckwheat Hot Cereal or Pocono Cream of Buckwheat) and soba noodles. “Soba” is the Japanese word for “buckwheat.”
• Ground Hemp Seeds (organic if possible)

Or does the 7-10 test period ONLY apply to the “test foods:” kefir, coconut butter, etc. Is there anything that can be added at the same time? Like chicory coffee AND stevia, for example?

I would wait at least two days between adding new foods. This is because if you have a reaction to a specific food, you won’t know which food caused the reactions if you’ve added two or three on the same day; and you may not be sure whether the reaction is Candida related or die-off. If you added only one food, then you’ll know which is causing the reactions, and the food itself can help to explain what type of reaction you’re having. As an example, chicory coffee has been know to cause die-off symptoms because it’s a prebiotic (food for beneficial bacteria).

If you still have questions, just let us know.