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raster wrote: Hello Latka,

I would work your way up to 3 pills per day or about 60 billion CFU per day. Its up to you of course and what your budget can handle; the more you use the more it’ll cost.

It is a good idea to rotate probiotic brands over time but if you have a lack of choices there, this isn’t the end of the world.

As far as when to take probiotics; I take mine with meals personally and it can be taken with or without meals. Its up to you on when to take them.


Hi Raster,

On this point, I wondered whether you think it’s ok to take digestive enzymes or swedish bitters at meal-time if you are also taking a probiotic? Or would the excess acid damage the effect of the probiotic do you think?

Also, I bought some TruFlora probiotic before I found this forum, and it contains hemmicellulase, which I understand is not recommended to be taken. I just wondered whether you recommend that I just don’t take it, or do you think it would be ok to use up my supply before taking something different?