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Good morning, Lindy.

my dr. says that if I had systemic candida I would be very sick in the hospital!

Oddly enough, your doctor is right. What he didn’t tell you is that you can still have an overgrowth of Candida albicans in your body without it actually being systemic. The average Candida overgrowth is called Candidiasis; this is actually fairly common among people and in fact, many people suffer from it off and on without ever knowing they have it.
But once the infestation actually goes systemic, people are normally suffering from most of the following problems: constant vaginal infections, mouth and throat infections, esophageal infections, and skin infections. In addition, these patients almost always suffer from severe immune system deficiencies which more than likely will cause additional infections in the brain, the heart, eyes, kidneys, intestines, liver, joints, and even the blood. Systemic Candida happens to people who commonly suffer from low white blood cell counts, this is called neutropenia. And yes, once systemic Candida has taken hold of a body, they will often be bed-ridden if not in a hospital.

I have been suffering for over 20 years with digestive problems etc…. I know that this is what I have been suffering from as I have almost every one of the symtoms and when I eat nothing but veges or have any anti-fungal foods I always experience the awful die-off symtoms!

The aldehyde toxins can make a person sicker than before they started the treatment so in our protocol, we address this part of the treatment before anything else.

I am also taking one packet a day of three-lac, which does seem to help.

Threelac won’t hurt anything and may even help in the beginning, but it’s not the right start to your treatment as it’s like dropping one drop of water into a large empty bucket that must be filled. Threelac contains three strains of beneficial bacteria and a count of only 500 million CFU’s per strain. If you read the probiotic portion of our protocol, you’ll see how ridiculous these counts really are. Probiotics

You are welcome to examine our protocol and read the testimonials to it, and if you decide that you wish to have the diet that goes along with the protocol, just let me know.


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