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londoner1 wrote: I tried a few Nystatin enemas and whilst there was die off I didn’t see too much debris come out. I have tried a couple of hot water enemas – but no where near as hot as advised here (I could easily hold my finger in the water for 5 seconds). I can report that a high level of debris was observed – black stringy frond like substances which I am assuming are plaque. Most of the visible gunk came out in the second round within a single session. The smell was putrid also, leaving me to think that there was some serious rotting going on inside

Some points:
– Skin infections calm down after a couple of days of enemas as reported here
– There is concern about making the bowel lazy, especially as the diet makes me constipated so I can’t gauge at what point the damage will be done
– I have read on Curezone that Molkosan Enemas have a similar impact to the hot water. I have been ingesting this to act as a prebiotic and to increase lactic acid levels. Not tried in the enemas yet
– You really need to massage the water right up the colon and elevate your legs and twist the body. This in addition to hot water increases the amount of debris that comes out
– Taking Potassium tablets – you really don’t want your potassium levels depleted
– If I continue I am thinking of adding in Probiotic Enemas to repair some of the inevitable damage to the colonic positive bacteria

Personally, I have a huge dilemma with this. I have definitely seen incremental improvements in wider symptoms after a few enemas. The Truss theory/paper behind this seems to make sense also. But I am concerned whether accelerating the recovery comes at the cost of damaging the bowel in the longer term. The diet is much safer but it has been around 8 years for me bouncing around various physicians failing to resolve my issues and then after I discovered Candida persistently telling me it definitely was possible that Candida was the root cause.

I remember reading a post on dissolving plaque through a group of herbs and supplements without the need for enemas. I will be investigating this as maybe a middle ground. With maybe the occasional colonic

As ever with Candida the way forward is not 100% clear very frustrating


I have abused the enemas !!!! I have done more than 200 or 300 , who knows??
I have been in this war for more than 4 years. Thousands of posts in all Candida Forums…. Obsessive about my recovery to the point of doing all ! I have been lucky to have access to Rx antifungals, Itraconazole, Amp B, Nystatin Powder, Fluconazole, Lamisil, Grisiofulvin ,and Ketoconazole. About the natural protocols, my account in Vitamin Shoppe since 2008 show I have spent $6792.00 in supplements, only with them. No to mention what I spent buying Threelac, SF-722, etc.

If you give me the option of choosing a treatment, I will go for the enemas even if I have to do them with water alone.

I am doing 1 or 2 by week now because I want but no because I have symptoms. I will do them for the rest of my life. Let say 2 times a year a week in a raw.

About the flora the enemas is cleaning, I can not be more happy the enemas cleaned the SHIT of flora I had in my colon in case they did it, thing I doubt !!

Feeling good and happy is a God sent.