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eskimo_pup wrote: Hi all,
I am a chronic fatigue sufferer that is being treated with Perrin Technique, this is a technique incorporating Lymphatic massage so i am already suffering from die-off due to this treatment.

FYI – any massage will release toxins into the blood stream, therapeutic or not. Drinking lots of water before/after massage can help flush the toxins out of the body quicker.

I’ve seen around the forum people recommending coconut oils that are very expensive unless there’s a extremely enduring reason to use these i will be going with ‘pure coconut oil’ from KTC used in cooking.

pure coconut oil doesn’t contain the antifungal properties – ONLY extra virgin coconut oil does. Pure coconut oil is not a bad fat to use in cooking or for oil pulling. However, one does have to be careful not to have too high a fat intake which can cause fatty liver only adding to a healing crisis.

Since you suspect your lymp system has issues I would suggest considering taking your basal body temp (temp upon waking). Temps below 36 (97 degrees) point to adrenal fatigue/hypothyroid issues since these endocrine systems regulate so many body systems including the immune system response. From my limited understanding, a long term immune response takes a heavy toll on the adrenal/thyroids.

I realize there isn’t one sole cause of candida related complex however, the more I research the more adrenal fatigue/hypothyroid/anemia the more I think many here are only going to do themselves more harm than good sticking to a restricted low card diet trying to treat candida rather than the underlying cause of candida. Balancing the body is not easy nor a quick process. I suggest looking at adrenal fatigue/hypothyroid as potentially the main underlying cause.

Beyond hormone replacement, iodine is typically low when these systems are taxed. Please do not take iodine alone, as it works with required co-factors and created some gnarly side effects without using the co-factors in my case.

Iron supplementation to correct anemia can be tricky since it can cause constipation. I forget where I read it but, there is a connection between adrenal/thyroids and anemia as well as ferritin levels. Ferro-sequels is a product I use without having an effect on my bm’s. Perhaps it is because of just two of the co-factors Vit-C and magnesium which tend to loosen stools. Dunno….

I wish more people understood these connections so they don’t make the same mistakes I did and waste time while only making themselves sicker in the process.

Whew, what an enigma to unravel, eh?