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Oh yeah I had lots of weird twitching and cramps all over during the start of the diet. This could be mineral deficiencies, or it could be because of the diet, or stress. I believe my gutflora was in pretty bad balance when I started the diet and even alittle before, because I was stressed and got Gastritis, and took anti acids because of it, which fixed gastritis but made everything else worse. And after that it slowly got better when I started with Probiotics.

But yeah heart palpilations, I’ve had them all, pressure, sharp pain, the vibrations/buzzing humming feeling, feeling it went too slow/weak, fast/strong, sometimes its a double beat followed buy a longer pause, pain in chest when moving arms, pain in chest when bending forward, felt weird sensations near heart when eating, and a tickling sensation, and a burning feeling that travels about 10 cms through the heart and chest, it’s really weird and I was worried too. But I’ve done several tests, 4 ECG, Ultra sound, and an Exercise stress test, and there was nothing wrong with it, execept that I wasn’t very fit because of me worrying about exercising when I feared my heart was in trouble.

As long as you are getting enough but not too much Potassium and the salts for the heart, you will probably notice alot of improvement when you stop being worried(stressed) about it and can start exercising slowly. Might be too much strain on you’r immune system to start jogging already but maybe you can do some stretching at home and slow Yoga, buy a Yoga mattress and theres lots of diffrent Yoga youtube videos to try, that’s the biggest tip I could give to myself if I could go back in time and give myself a tip, that and meditation, because worrying and stressing about it only made everything worse, for example the calves can be very tight and tense all the time because of you worrying, maybe you are shaking them when you sit at the computer without thinking of it, that’s a sign of being stressed.