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OK…well then that is food reactions aka food allergies. If you have leaky gut then its normal to have food reactions. This doesn’t mean your progress is stalled, it just means you have leaky gut. It takes many months to heal leaky gut, and if you cheat on the diet, smoke, or drink caffeine, take prescription medication, then it will become more inflamed.

What foods give you reactions?

What are you taking to heal leaky gut? There is a variety of supplements you can take that will heal leaky gut, but I don’t see any on your list.

Also, in order to heal leaky gut, you need to reduce the inflammation within your body. You can do this by eating anti-inflammatory foods, avoiding caffeine/smoking, and taking anti-inflammatory supplements such as fermented cod liver oil.

It can take as long as 6-18 months to heal from candida overgrowth and healing leaky gut takes a very long time from my own experience.