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I am now up to 15mg of DMPS, and it is amazing. It has given me “a” life. I’ve been able to concentrate at work, quit smoking (no more panic, hence no more urges), and my depression and fatigue have turned down from a 10 to a 3. My panic attacks are few and far between and last only a few seconds.

The best thing that is happening on this medicine is that I am getting flashes of pure joy. It’s hard to explain. A fun thought will pop into my head, like a past memory of checking into a hotel while on vacation or an idea about taking a trip or making someone happy, and the thought would only stay for a second or 2.

I’ll look at an object, like a clear solo cup, and it will remind me of the beach or going to the pool, and I immediately get happy.

Since upping my dose to 15mg, the thoughts are coming more and more each and every day, and they are “sticking” longer, up to 5 seconds or so. At 5mg, I would get 3-5 of these flashes a day. At 15mg, I’m getting them every hour now!

Overall, I am happy.

Let me repeat that statement, I AM HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the first time in 3 years, I am experiencing feelings of joy again.

I am eating low sugar, chicken, veggies, tomatoes, etc. My cheats are gluten-free things, but only occasionally. My skin isn’t as good as it was on the strict forum diet, but I can function on this DMPS medicine, and I can travel and eat at restaurants w/ salads or grilled chicken and veggies.

Don’t rule out mercury. I didn’t even have amalgams in my mouth, I had metal-fused to porcelain crowns, but I had them replaced anyway. The 2 times I got extremely sick where when I came back from a trip eating seafood, and when I had one of my fillings removed. I could have gotten exposure my whole life from toxic metals, and something or other sent me over the edge 3 years ago.

But I also want everyone to know that I am cautious, and its good to know that if this isn’t the final cure for me, I can always use the forum protocol or at least the foods list to minimize symptoms.

From someone who was in a dark place and thinking dark thoughts, to now write these words of happiness to you…it brings tears to my eyes. I will never think dark thoughts again. This world hasn’t seen the last of me. I’m going to have everything I want from this life, whether I fully recover or not.

Sincere hope for you all,