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TheChosenOne;49405 wrote: “Peer-reviewed scientific studies have come to opposite conclusions on whether the mercury exposure from amalgam fillings causes health problems.”

Exactly! So there is no evidence that amalgam causes problems.

If there would be effects, they would have been found after so much and so thorough investigations. To put it differently: IF there were a noticeable effect, it would have been found by now. The fact that no effect has been found despite thorough research means that an effect, IF it exists, has tiny effects at worst.

TheChosenOne;49405 wrote: Let our health be dependable on the fact that there is doubt!

That’s a non-argument that’s often used by those who are lacking arguments.

If you are really saying that we should avoid everything about which any doubt exists, then we should avoid living in a city, living on soil that contains rock or clay, all products made from potatoes or tomatoes, all fruits, and so on, and so on.

raster;49407 wrote: The way I look at things is that both BPA and mercury in the body are bad. Its best to prevent cavities before they happen.

That last thing is true, of course. The question is: what to do once you already have developed cavities?

raster;49407 wrote: And I also think that floggi is not looking at the mercury success stories out there on the web from people who have started chelation and feel good suddenly like titan.

Sure I looked at those. Fact is, these reports are easily explained without resorting to the theory of “mercury poisoning”.

raster;49407 wrote: And another thing worth mentioning about the ADA is they believe fluoride is good for us when in fact it is widely used in insecticides and poisons around the world. It is quite toxic and a bottle of toothpaste if consumed at once can kill you. The ADA won’t look at this topic whatsoever, its all about strong teeth!

This scare reminds me of dihydrogen monoxide. Have you ever investigated that dangers of that chemical? It’s quite pervasive, yet no government-backed agency even looked into the obvious dangers of dihydrogen monoxide!

raster;49407 wrote: And it shouln’t be only about mercury either. Its all the heavy metals that harm us including things like lead. If I had high lead levels, wouldn’t it be a general idea to remove it from the body?

Another well-known strategy: “Here’s a red berry. It’s very poisonous. Everyone agrees about that. See, I have now proven that all red fruits are very poisonous!

Your variation of the above is: “Lead is poisonous. We know that. Lead is a metal. See, all metals are poisonous!”

nikki;49416 wrote: I was born and brought up in a third world country.
And in one of Asia’s biggest industrial corridors.

My hometown was found out to be the second most mercury polluted in the whole country.

Okay, that changes things. You actually may have extraneous levels of mercury in your body. Luckily, compared to other Americans, Europeans and Australians, you’re quite an exception.