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lmm wrote: I currently have in my fridge a little bit of each of:
– NATREN Bifido factor — Bifidobacterium bifidum – 2 billion cfu
– NATREN Mega Dophilus — Lactobacillius acidophilius – 2 billion cfu
(Both contain chickpea).
– BIOCARE Lactobacillius — 81mg per 2 gram teaspoon.
Should I continue taking these until they run out, and then purchase those mentioned, or are these not particularly high quality products and worth discontinuing?

It appears that you have only two total strains of bacteria which isn’t going to do a great deal towards getting rid of the Candida, however, there’s no point in discarding the probiotics, so I’d go ahead and finish these. If you’ll add homemade kefir to your regimen, this will make up for some of the bacteria you’re missing.