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In your first link, Why probiotics are not healthy, those links are talking about probiotics and sepsis (blood poisoning). A much more serious condition than most people here. Another talks about probiotics and short bowel syndrome, due to surgery and a very serious condition. Able can shed more light on Dr. Price’s more evidence section. He knows more about the acidity and alkalinity of the body.

The second link if you notice, has no diet and no real answers, other than taking threelac. Suprisingly enough the product they are trying to sell. That speaks for itself.

The last link has a diet that is a little iffy. The protocol that Able and Raster have laid out on this forum is much more strict than other diets. The reason being is to give a diet that 99% of people can follow and see results if done correctly and long enough. Many other diets, while good, leave more room for error in that somebody may get a reaction and set themselves back weeks or months before finding out what the trigger was.

Though there is a lot of information, try not to overwhelm yourself. Print out things you feel important and keep them handy to refer to. You’ll pick it up as you go.

Good luck,