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lmm wrote:

Hello All,

I’m having trouble sourcing either of the two probiotics (Innate Response / MegaFlora) from a vendor who ships using optional ice packs. Has anyone from the UK procured either of these products using that service? It seems pointless ordering some probiotics, if some or all are going to be denatured by the time they get here!


YES… LuxeBC sell the probiotics with “Ice” next to it, but it arrived 6 days later with no signs of ice. There customer service is awful as well, if you can call it that, they just don’t reply.

Hi Benc – Well, I think I’ll give them a miss, then!

Has anyone else had better luck?!


I’ve ordered other stuff from Vitamin UK, it might be worth sending them an email to see if they will send it with ice, they were pretty good with customer service for me.