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Pina, thank you for your post; but I have to disagree with the way you presented your information, specifically by stating the problem clearly being, “… Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion which I do not recommend.”

When your recommendation is specifically against a product that is needed for the Candida treatment, perhaps suggesting to other members that the product “may be the cause” of their problem, and being prepared to replace it with another idea is a wiser choice of action. In this case purchasing a probiotic directly from a store would be a better choice, or if probiotics are simply not available in stores in the area, choosing one to be shipped which doesn’t need refrigeration may be the only choice left. So as you can see, this does not mean that the specific brand was the cause, and of course this can happen to any refrigerated product including all refrigerated probiotics, and is exactly why the refrigerated type of probiotics should not be ordered by mail. Many people have cured their infestation with different probiotic brands, including Ultimate Flora, and I’m one of those people.

By the way, sauerkraut alone, even if eaten every day, would take forever to replace enough flora to cure Candida, if ever. Most people with a Candida albicans infestation have already been suffering for so long that all they want to see is results, and who can blame them; and a high count of probiotics is the quickest route to lessening the symptoms.

Your statement, “So I recommend if your constipation is bad, stop taking your probiotic for a few days and see if that is the cause” was more accurate and informative, but it would have served better if placed at the beginning of your post.

Thanks, Able