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tanyanurse;45192 wrote: I feel like I still do not have a good understanding of probiotics that are needed for this protocol. I take a commercial probiotic every morning. I am not sure what to do with kefir or really how to make it since I am casein intoleralnt. I am planning on making homemade saurekraut through a fermentation process. PLease help me. Due to my large amounts of brain fog I have difficulty researching

Hello, Tanya.
Are you taking molybdenum amino acid chelate and/or Candidate by Native Remedies? The Candidate product is really good for reducing brain fog. If your brain fog is severe, I would suggest that you take both of these products since they’re two different supplements both of which can help tremendously with all symptoms related to the die-off toxins.

You can use water to make kefir which means it wouldn’t contain casein. Below are a few links to help you understand water kefir.

Where to purchase quality Water Kefir Grains


Making sauerkraut is a great idea, and you can ferment other vegetables as well.
Fermenting Vegetables