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Nutritionists only know what’s in their books, which is largely based on the food pyramid, and aren’t experts on physiology or biochemistry. You shouldn’t feel helpless just because these guys failed to diagnose you. By taking things into your own hands, you’re already closer than most people with chronic diseases towards finding a cure. All you need to do now is stay calm and find your path to health.

Do you have your thyroid numbers? Doctors are satisfied as long as your levels fall within the “healthy” range, no matter how low, and no matter what your body has to say about it. Candida can be taxing on the thyroid, and you have a number of symptoms of hypothyroidism. It could be resolved with simple iodine supplementation (kelp is cheap). Selenium works well with iodine, and may help with constipation too. Most people are deficient in both of these. As long as your thyroid isn’t functioning well, you have little chance of beating any chronic infection, so it’s worth checking.

Recurrent UTIs can be a sign of vitamin D deficiency, and so can some of your other symptoms. 1 in 4 people in England have a deficiency according to a recent report. If you don’t regularly eat fatty fish or get unprotected sun exposure, and even if you do in many cases, you can pretty much assume you need to supplement. Again, without good vitamin D status, fighting chronic infections is tough. If you wanted to check yourself, maybe your nutritionist could order a serum (24(OH)D) test for you (a simple blood test is useless). If you coupled it with vitamin K2, you’d probably make your dentist pretty unhappy too.

I mention these two things because they’re common issues, supplementing is easy and improving deficiencies will help almost any condition. Ruling out SIBO (often labelled as IBS) makes treating candida easier. If you don’t have IBS, low stomach acid/a history of antacid/PPI use or bloating/pain symptoms above the naval, then this is unlikely to be an issue. If it is a problem, you need to deal with it first. Constipation is often a sign of missing bacteria in your gut, and if you’ve taken antibiotics at any point, you can take that as confirmation. Bacterial imbalance can be a cause of candida, as well as many other problems.

Candida can be hard to diagnose, but you won’t do yourself any harm following the anti-candida protocol here if you suspect it’s the source of your problems, and it can easily be modified to treat other conditions if you find something later down the line. Depending on your current diet and lifestyle, simply improving nutrition, reducing stress and getting sufficient exercise could bring about massive changes in your symptoms. Health is pretty much as simple as those three factors. The trouble is that we’ve been given all the wrong information about the most important one – diet – and get prescribed a battery of anti-health pharmaceuticals instead.