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hello digger,

It sounds like most of your symptoms are candida overgrowth; the only way to know for certain is to try out our strict diet with antifungals and see if you experience “die off” symptoms. Western medicine won’t ever find the cause of your problems because western medicine caused the problem in the first place; have you ever taken antibiotics in your lifetime? This can cause a flora imbalance by itself and Dr. Mcoomb’s feels that anyone who has taken antibiotics has a flora imbalance.

I’d check out some Dr. Mcoomb’s and educate yourself more on the topic and determine whether your symptoms match what he is talking about:

Don’t buy his products because there are cheaper and better ones available out there in the market.

You likely have multiple problems going on like javizy stated; deficiency in vitamins, malabsorption of minerals, maybe a slight thyroid problem…a naturopathic doctor likely could heal each and every one of your ailments at the same time.