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sarzp;31103 wrote: Thanks, DVJorge. Aside from taking the antifungals, following a strict diet, taking probiotics (2 caps x 50 billion/day) and doing everything I can to boost my immune system, is there anything else you recommend such as colonics or ozone therapy?

You can take Transfer Factor and Earth Dragon Peptides. It is important you learn that chronic unresponsive yeast infections are linked to immune suppression. In the case of candida, the intestinal tract is the place you need to concentrate more. Candida release MANNAN inside the intestines. This metabolite drives the immune system toward to a Th2 response suppressing Th1. In a few words, the intestinal overgrowth is responsible for the immune suppression that don’t allow you to cure your vaginal yeast infection.

One time the fungal colonies in the gut be eliminated, an immune balance return allowing the immune system to fight the yeast colonies in different parts of the body.

The secret is to achieve immune restoration.