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Hi sarzp…I’m afraid I wouldn’t be too overjoyed at using Diflucan or flucanozole. From the research, Diflucan is very poorly absorbed into the blood from the intestines. Diflucan may certainly help to destroy the candida in the gut, but will do very little to kill off the more virulent disseminated candida form that is already affecting your body and your tissues(also probably causing your vaginal problems).

Candida is well known to have two diamorphic forms — the yeast form(which resides mainly in the gut) and the much more virulent and dangerous fungal form which tends to disseminate throughout the blood, organs and body tissues via fungal spores.

Diflucan may well get rid of the candida for a short while — but it has been my experience when you use this medicine, that the candida will either not improve or will most likely go away only for a short while and then return with a vengeance later.

For more ideas and explanations on how to kill systemic or disseminated candida — see this link