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Hello, Jo.

Tomorrow = 1 x molybdenum
Sunday = 2 x molybdenum (ie 1 twice a day?)
Monday = 3 x molybdenum (ie 1 three times a day?)

That’s good; you’ll be all set to combat the die-off toxins.

I have other antifungals (grapefruit seed extract, extra virgin coconut oil, oil or oregano)to take when the sporanox runs out and I also have vitamin D3, calcium magnesium and zinc, vitamin c and milk thistle. When should I take those?

I wouldn’t take any of that during the cleanse other than milk thistle, Molybdenum, and the digestive bitters after eating the vegetables. It’s all explained in detail on the protocol post.

“You can start taking one antifungal of your choice about two weeks after you started the detox period.”

“Between the second and third week we also recommend various vitamin supplements”

Very smart of you to plan a week off for starting the treatment, Jo, I’m sure you won’t be sorry you did that.

Good luck.