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Thanks mooch, I read your post, and I hope you are on the right track, too. Raster’s naturopath also recommended to me to cut down the probiotics, too. He wants me to start taking hmf forte (not neuro), just once a day, since they are human derived. Then, judge from there on how I am doing on them to not put my body in over-drive. Also, he wants to continue the sf722, but I just wasn’t sure how it was making me feel, so he recommends at the moment just 1 twice a day.

I do have some things here at home, which helped, but he is sending a whole bunch of other things my way. Of course, from the get go, we have to do these things, so he can know more about my body.

Like I said, I am just worried how this is all going to fit into my budget (I forgot to tell his manager last night that I have been on disability long enough now that I am going to start having medicare as my primary next month, and then medicaid as my secondary. I don’t know if medicare would help if out of state or not. The consults are not bad, just lots of supplements to test my whole body).

I’m trying not to worry because I want to be able to cheat every once in awhile, but I already feel he knows how to guide me in the right direction. I get tired of bouncing up and down, up and down, never knowing what works and doesn’t work. He said I have made great strides, but we still got a lot work to do to get to a homeostasis stage for me.