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wenkins wrote: Thanks Jorge for a great topic.
Which form of Nystatin do you use for your enemas and how do you prepare it? Would it work if one used the pill as a suppository, maybe followed with water?

What is your view on a herbal anti-fungal used in the same way?


I have used Nystatin refrigerated powder from Paddock Lab. I use it diluted in 8 ounces of water to get a concentration of around 500 000 units. I do water enemas first, and when the colon is empty, I do a retention enema with the Nystatin holding it as much as possible, sometimes hours.

I won’t use any herbal or “natural” antifungal in this way. We are ignoring that there are more medical abstracts talking about the antibiotic properties of GSE, Oregano Oil, Caprylic Acid, Garlic, Olive Leaf Extract, etc than their antifungal properties.
The number 1 cause of candidiasis is antibiotic use. It is the big trigger even when other factors must be present.
How we can eliminate or correct it when we are still taking tons of antibiotics when we use the “natural” antifungals ??

I have used them ( a lot of them ) but always thought that at some point everything that means antibiotic has to be forgotten. I, now, only take S. Boulardii and the diet.
I hope this help you.