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dvjorge wrote: I have taken 1 capsule of Ultimate Flora 30 billions every day. Tons of plain yogurt !!
( almost a liter diary ). Commercial plain Kefir some times

Haven’t you ever tried making kefir yourself and eating the grains? The author of this site has a protocol for relieving advanced bowel inflammation like colitis. He got results in a very short time, which would suggest (given studies like this) that he managed to quickly change the make-up of his gut flora, which is something that should interest people with candida.

The protocol involves rectally “implanting” the grains and retaining them for 12-24 hours, which makes sense since a big portion of the yoghurt and capsules you’re taking will be wiped out by the time they reach the bowel. I’ve heard scientists recommend this as the best way to take probiotics too, and it’s probably why fecal transplants are so effective. Of course, it’s not something most people would be willing to try.

You don’t seem to be shy about the rectal stuff, and it’d be interesting to see what results people could get. You may be killing the candida now, but what are you doing to boost your immune system, and support the gut flora that compete with candida? Mega-doses of sugar-free probiotics (a litre of yoghurt contains 50-90g of lactose) could be the missing link.