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Be careful about consuming more than small amounts of Pau d’arco; this is an herb that contains a chemical compound by the name of hydroquinone which is a known toxic substance that can cause both liver and kidney damage, so of course pregnant or breastfeeding women shouldn’t use the herb at all. Pau d’arco also exhibits anticoagulant effects, meaning it’s a strong blood thinner, so if you’re already taking a prescription blood thinner, you’d be better off leaving it alone. For this reason, Pau d’arco combined with psyllium can be a dangerous mix. Some other side effects are stomach problems such as nausea and diarrhea. The information above is why Raster and I didn’t include it in the protocol as well as why I didn’t include it in the “Safe Cleanse” posted on the forum.

The only time I would recommend this is for someone living in a country where Molybdenum was completely unobtainable. Pau d’arco is an excellent toxin-remover, but even so, I would only recommend it for a very short time period, perhaps a week or so during the worst of die-off symptoms.