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I’m vegan and haven’t eaten meat in years either, but through perusing the forum, Able’s stance and reasoning on meat, to the best of my recollection, is this:

After being on the strict diet (stage 1) for at least 12 days, you may introduce either organic chicken or small/young (low-mercury) fish, and eat one serving. After another week, you may either have another serving, or try a serving of the other item. After that, you can eat one serving each of young fish and organic chicken, or two servings of one (but not the other), in any 7-day period. So, if you eat it, only twice a week tops. Organic because non-organic meat tends to contain antibiotics, which is counterproductive when you’re trying to reestablish healthy gut flora, and young (for fish) because they tend to contain a lower concentration of mercury.

Beef and pork are a total no. Aside from naturally creating ammonia in your system, in modern meat production, carcasses are frequently washed down with ammonia in the slaughterhouse to reduce contamination from bacteria, viruses, feces, etc, and that leads to greater ammonia in your gut. According to Able, candida can thrive in an ammonia-rich environment, while beneficial bacteria cannot.

He advocates organic eggs as the ideal source of protein while on the candida diet. Like I said, message him for his diet list, it’s really helpful.

I hope this helps!