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I have been taking molybdenum and milk thistle from the start. But started only taking it when I felt bad, like if I thought i was having symptoms from die off.

My naturopathic doc put me on lactic acid yeast to acidify the gut, which i just started 3 days ago and these pains Im describing seem to be coming back now, because I originally felt them after the cleanse and early on in the diet when I ate just veggies.The pains started to die down when I added buckwheat and oat bran. So I thought it was weird that it was coming back.

I also just got back from an extensive hiking trip in costa rica. And I feel like some immune issues that I thought completely vanished, came back. Still dont have a voice, throat pain and fatigue came back,and back pain, which went away completely in the beginning of the diet. Im not sure what is going on.