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doravanil;51841 wrote: Thanks so much, Impossible! I’m definitely going to try the B5. Is the powdered version of vit c better than pill form in your opinion? I saw my naturopath today and she gave me a trial of something called ‘Calm CP’ that is supposed to help tone down the epinephrine/norepinephrine surges throughout the day, and if that isn’t quite doing the trick she also gave me a trial of ‘ADR’ which is supposed to work in a way that’s similar to Isocort.

As for the thyroid, she said that it may be I need to have my formula custom compounded to allow for a lower T3 to T4 ratio. Fine by me!

Just keep it to one change at a time so you know what supplement is having is having what effect. Yes, powdered vit c is definitely better, buffered is alot easier to tolerate at that doseage too. If I was you, I would basically try the supplements in the exact order that you just listed them, though once your through die off you probably wont have a need for the ‘ADR’. It sounds like your fairly close, I would tweak the thyroid only after die off is done and theres no shortage of adrenal hormones.