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alexalgebra;37423 wrote: The one thing that is cool, however, is that we (or at least me, and y’all judging from your posts) can recognize that these types of anxiety are not normal for us and that they are a part of the candida.

I don’t think mine is solely due to candida. However I can see that it plays a massive role. Before my current crisis my OCD thoughts that have plagued me for the past year and a half lessened significantly to the point where I could quite happily sit and think about how irrational they are as I would with any other unpleasant thought. Even now they haven’t really properly come back its more just worry that they will. I think that once the candida clears up I can work on my own personal philosophy and thought patterns much more easily than I have done before. That, for me, will be when I truly feel I have healed.