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I’m fairly new here. Joined in November. I can tell you if I follow what these good folks tell me to do I am in good shape. When I stray just a little I have a reaction in my mouth. I don’t know what others reactions are but I can tell immediately when I screwed up. When I finally got to the stage in the diet where I could have yogurt and kefir I found my life changed. It truly healed my mouth in what seemed like hours it could have been days but it was an amazing feeling. Too good matter of a fact. Then I thought I was ready to move to stage 2 of diet.

I ate a few morsels of things I shoud not have, an walnut chunk, a tsp of sunflower seeds, a few rice crackers. Thrush came right back in back of throat…very difficult to do oil pulling there…

I got out the kefir and I am now doing oil pulling with that and even gargling with it..LOL. I have little holes in my tonsils and can see spots. That is where it hurts. It is not like strep but I can tell by the burning on my tongue etc that I have to fight this.

So I HIGHLY suggest Kefir…it was a miracle cure for me as was the greek yogurt. I so mad at myself for stepping out of my list of rules. I’m not healing as quickly as I did when I first had the yogurt and kefir..maybe because I was doing the 1st stage of diet and only drinking lemon water, and eating greens. I’m doing the same thing now…I just don’t dare trick myself into feeling like I’m healed and venturing out of my list of foods to eat. Best of luck to you my friend. I also do as much oil pulling that I can a day. Able and RAster suggest three times a day. It helped a ton in the start but the kefir had amazing healing power.