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Hello, Joan.

I would continue with the oil-pulling therapy, most people find it to be extremely beneficial after even a week, but several weeks can make a big difference. Please don’t do as some do and stop anything that may have beneficial value just because you can’t see a big difference immediately or even a week later, this is usually a big mistake. Sometimes healing takes time, and patience is indeed a virtue in this case.

About grains; many people go on the Candida diet, and after healing themselves of the infestation, realize that a long-standing allergy has completely disappeared. This is often due to a certain food that has been removed from the diet. Often times the food causing the allergy was wheat; therefore, for that reason, plus the fact that wheat is food for yeast, many people leave t out of their diet permanently. Personally, for pure health benefits, I never eat wheat, corn, potatoes, diary or sugar. Bob’s Red Mill Organic Oat Bran Hot Cereal is perfect for both health and fighting Candida. It can be purchased at Amazon.

Whether or not you want to test the brown rice is up to you. But if you do, start very slowly with small amounts and look for any reactions that may appear.

My opinion is that one should stop eating carrots when the diet is started and leave them alone until all symptoms disappear. Whether or not you continue with them is up to you.

If Candida is still in your system enough to cause even small symptoms to be apparent, then introducing new foods at this point would probably feed the Candida left in your system and cause it to multiply.