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Looks great, nice one.

One question though. One her website it says: Once established in the gut, the Candida produces root-like structures called Rhizoids. Rhizoids penetrate the gut wall, creating microscopic holes, which allow undigested food particles, toxins, bacteria and yeast to enter the bloodstream. This stage is known as Leaky Gut Syndrome. The Candida spores can now create colonies outside the gut, in fact anywhere it can reach via the bloodstream. They first target low-oxygen areas, but can eventually settle in almost every organ in the body causing damage and bacterial infections.

But you say: We commonly find people and websites claiming the presence of candida albicans in the bloodstream and organs is the cause of this syndrome. Some alternative practitioners even claim to see live candida cells in ‘live blood’ analyses from patients suffering from this syndrome. That isn’t correct. What they see under a microscope are fragments of the candida cell wall that reach the bloodstream after the yeast mutates to its fungal form. During this process, the yeast cell wall explodes releasing fragments into the intestines and later reaching the circulatory system. Candida albicans live cells aren’t in your bloodstream.

These two explanations seem to contradict. If the candida albicans pathogen gets into the bloodstream, we speak of life threatening candida sepsis.
But the candida yeasts can go into the bloodstream spreading itself into other organs without life threatening situations? Is the yeast spore traveling through the blood different from the multicellular fungal form in this way?